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I started my photography business in 2008, newly married and looking to take my love of photography to the next level. In the years prior to 2008, I loved capturing the unrehearsed story of other families and their children; those squeezed, squinty-eyed smiles of childhood, delight of imagination, the brink of adventure, and inexplicable joy, connection and relationship of a newborn. Those tiny hands wrapped around daddy's fingers or that moment of a love found that will redefine the rest of your life. The story of earning our grays and wrinkles and the delight and wonder of being grandparents. Photography, to me, is capturing this legacy of love. These precious moments were made even more real when I became a mother to my three little girls and I experienced these joys first hand.


As a mother, I am always trying to memorize the sounds, the faces, the little movements, the freedom and utter joy of complete innocence. 

Watching my girls play “little momma” with their dolls and play dress-up, I just know that I will blink and my girls will be 'grown ups' before I know it! Though I try my best, my memory cannot catch everything with all the busyness of life that comes with raising two toddlers and an infant. My photos allow me to freeze those moments, events, and milestones for years to come. I find that it’s not only fun to capture these memories, but important as well.


I hope to capture the love you share between your loved ones so that you, too, can document these precious and fleeting moments.  Many years from now, you can look at your photos and recall these special times.  

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